Trip to Brussels (Day 2)

We left together in the morning from the hotel to the place where the briefing would be held (Some by metro because they took their luggage with them, and the rest by foot), a building in the ‘Bussines’ part of Brussels (Science 14 Atrium LINK), buildings full of other European organizations and embassies of most countries.

Upon arrival we finally met our dear staff of the Centre, Margherita and Maarten were waiting there. We walked into a room with tables with our names, the meeting was great, Margherita and Maarten were wonderful and we were provided tons of information (in terms of the information they provided us I shall discuss it in another post). We received the presence of the center’s director and the MEP in charge of the section in which the Centre depends on. We had a break to eat some snacks, we took advantage of that time to chat with our hosts and socialize with two Vulcanusians who weren’t at the hotel. After that we continued the meeting, and at the end we did a little test of Japanese (Surprise!, I did not study for this Japanese test), so I failed miserably. At the end we took a photo of the group and bid farewell to Margherita and Maarten, who were great with us, and maybe we find one of them in Tokyo.

When we left the building, some went straight to take the plane and the rest went to see the European Parliament for some pictures.

The group in front of the European Parliament
The Parliament and those taxis that where all over the place
Parliament place

After the visit to the European Parliament we went back to the hotel to get changed and get some rest, when night fell we went out for dinner and ended up in the worst-kebab-sandwich in all Brussels. The group then keep on route back to Grand Place, but Alex and I returned to the hotel (My back was killing me xD), and I ended in the bed earlier than expected.

The next day I had to return early to Charleroi as my plane took off at 16:30h, and with going to the bus station, bus travel time, and etc … Before leaving I went in search of a McDonalds to get something to eat away because I did not had much time to find a place to eat at pace (And eating a waffle while looking for the McDonald). Fortunately I did not went to the airport alone, Triantafyllia (the only Greek girl of the group) had her flight at the same time as me, so we went together to the airport (I foresee many conversations regarding robotics with her, I’m sorry Triantafyllia ¯\_(ツ)_/¯).

And with that ended my trip to Brussels, in short, everyone was great and it is going to be a great experience, I have ton of photos, I will look how to add them, making a gallery or as well uploading them to Tumblr.

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