Trip to Brussels (Pre-departure)

Hello people, I have not died yet, I am writing this post because tomorrow, 5th of July I will travel to Brussels where I’ll finally get to meet almost all the “Vulcanusians”, as we have on Monday a briefing by the EU-Japan Centre where advice for our trip will be given, as well as ton of information for other things (visas, accommodation, events, etc …).

Unfortunately I can not upload photos until I return home, although the hotel has WiFi and the iPad is with me, I have no adapters to get photos from the camera to the post. And the phone’s camera, its quality is somewhat lacking (as best).

I leave tomorrow morning, at 05:00, to take the flight at Alicante, taking me to the airport of Charleroi, and then a bus to Brussels, arriving on 11:00 ~

Apart from enjoying these days of sightseeing and to know the other fellows, I seriously considered to fill myself with waffles until I burst.


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