The beginning of an Adventure

Welcome dear network surfer. I hope you can join me for a while.

I have been changing from blog to blog for 6 years already, but this time is different, I finally have something that moves me and motivates me to dedicate to this blog. 8 years ago I started to worry about my future, the way I should take in life, and Internet provided me with many answers and options. In the infinite network I found two blogs that marked me a lot in my choice; kirai and Flapy. The first, kirai (Hector), went from an internship at CERN to the “Vulcanus in Japan” for a year in Tokyo, working on a subsidiary of Mitsubishi, while showing his adventures and experiences with unusual detail, and all who were following the blog at that time felt a healthy envy. The second, Flapy (David), got a graduate scholarship “Monbukagakusho” at the Institute of Science and Technology of Nara, started his blog as a consequence, and the truth is he is doing really good, “gambiteo powah” .

Following my own way I have tried to emulate them in some ways to achieve similar results to theirs, like many Spaniards marked with their experience experience, and after several attempts and good luck, I’ve finally gotten it. I’m able to live my own adventure, and I want to record it in this blog. I was selected to participate in the “Vulcanus in Japan” program, so on the 31th of August I will travel 11,000 kilometers to Japan and will reside there, in Narashino – Chiba Prefecture (30 km from Tokyo) for a full year, learning the language and working in the Company that has decided to host me; “Hitachi”.

Now I’m at the stage of self-denial, “It cannot be possible that they selected me …. (Jaw dropped in a weird fashion)”, and surely I will go through other stages, but I have no doubt that the experience will be something unique, I’ll know a lot of people, and I will be exposed to all kinds of situations, an opportunity to open my horizons.

I did this 3 years ago, at my first try with the Vulcanus, never knew when I would use it

I want to devote this entire first year of the blog to document the “Vulcanus” experience, all places and curiosities of Japan to visit and see, to serve and inspire future applicants like other blogs have done for me. (There are a ton of blogs, and I will make an detailed list of all blogs worth mentioning and that I’m aware of)

And although there are still months until the flight to those lands, I would like to thank many people for all their support over the years, I’ll leave out some as I’m forgetful and I hope they can forgive me, my dear contacts from UPCT International Relations, for your patience during three long years; my ideological patron Flapy and kirai, and all of those that followed them, throughout your time spent and shared experiences; to my great boss and all MTorres Operations Department, for teaching me and treat me so well this year, hope to return; to all my colleagues and countless friends, for putting up and encourage me; and Marta, for support me, for being such a great person, and always being there.

In the incoming months and until my departure to Japan on the last day of August, I will publish several posts about the program, about myself as well as other topics of possible interest.

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