About me

My name is Jose Carlos Urrea Celdrán and I was born in 1992 at Cartagena (Spain).Since I was little I have been fascinated by science in general; space, electronics, computers, and high technology, mainly robots. I always have known what I wanted to do, that is why I am studying at the Technical University of Cartagena (Now at my final year).

Languages are easy to learn for me, that’s why many years ago, different teachers recommended me learning another language other than English, like Chinese or Japanese. I finally chose the Japanese language, because of my interest for robots and electronics, being Japan and high technological advanced country. During my research about Japan (When I got Internet for the first time), I discovered its culture, I was amazed by Japan, the culture, the behaviour of the society, and all the traditions. Falling in love with Japan at first sight. In the meantime I learnt about a lot of scholarships and programmes adapted to my qualities and objectives, like the programme “Vulcanus in Japan”.

Along with English and Japanese, I also study Russian, learning languages is a fun and challenging task, as it keeps my busy and allow me to learn at the same time.

I have a lot of goals and dreams that I want to achieve, but the most of them can only be achieved with luck and a lot of effort, so I always give the best of me and try to improve myself in any tiny aspect that I can think of, to increase my chances of achievement. My love for technology and literature consume most of my free time, in which I try to do a lot of different things …

Regarding my self and my personality, I’m a cheerfull person that loves to discover things about this wonderful world. Right now one of my biggest objectives is achive a good professional projection while getting experience and a steady income, because being from a poor/humble family I cannot afford to study abroad (Master and PhD), unless I can get a paid scholarship in some way.

I’m trying to get this kind of scholarships, such the famous and amazing “Vulcanus in Japan” (Got it), which offer a unique experience and allow you to study the Japanese language and culture, while working in one of the Japanese leading companies or a multinational. Other grant is the “CERN Summer Student Program”, provides a stay paid in summer while working in the CERN facilities, being also another scholarship the “CERN Technical Student Programme” oriented to a stay of 6-12 months.

MY OBJETIVES (Or whishes)

– Work or colaborate at some time with the NASA/ESA/JAXA
Do a PhD. Looks like there are better options out there.
– Travel around the world
– Live/Travel in/to Japan (Coming soon)
– Work at a great multinational with a lot of experience (Achieved)
– Invent or design something to help change the world
– Learning more and more every day
– Earn a lot of money
– Programming in many languages (And get better at it)
– Mastering the Japanese and Russian languages.
– Work on my passion and hobbies, robotics, biomedicine, space …
– And much more things that I will gradually adding …….

… Under construction …

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